donna anderson kam

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary
  Oakland, CA  
  Solo Exhibition: Datelines ( October-November 2012)  
Catharine Clark Gallery
  San Francisco, CA  
  Summer Group Exhibition 2012  
Recology AIR San Francisco
  Artist Residency ( October 2011-January 2012 )  
  Art at the Dump, Blurb Book  
PUNCH Gallery
  Seattle, WA  
  Group Exhibition 2014  
AIR Gallery
  Brooklyn, NY  
  Making and taking: "Pictures Reconsidered" 2015  
Root Division
  San Francisco  
David Brower Center,
  Berkeley, CA  
  Reimagining Progress: Production, Consumption, and Alternative Economies, Hazel Wolf Gallery, 2014
Almost Together, Hazel Wolf Gallery, 2013
The Drawing Center
  New York, NY  
  On-line Artist Registry  
Intersection for the Arts
  San Francisco, CA  
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
  Santa Ana, CA
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
  San Jose, CA
The Lab, San Francisco
  The Mud Room at Ocean Beach, HERE 2015
  Catharine Clark Gallery, Summer Show 2012
  Recology AIR Exhibition, Beginning at the End 2012  
  The Lab, Looking Forward to Seeing It - The Discipline of Anticipation 2007.
© Donna Anderson Kam 2007-10